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Hi Techies,

Welcome to TechCratz – Make a Start For a Change. This blog is made especially for tech addicts. This blog is proudly made using WordPress.

Here, is what you will find on TechCratz :

  • Number of Tech Blogs taken from number of sources.
  • Learning and Knowlege of different technical terms and concepts.
  • You will find facts and myths.
  • Instagram Tips and Tricks.
  • DIY projects to make.
  • Careers.
  • Concept of Job and Entrepreneurship.
  • Upcoming Technology.
  • Blogging Tips.

I bought the Domain www.techcratz.com on August, 2019. This is something which I wanted to do from a very long time. And finally doing it…at least this is far better work for me to do instead of wasting time on mobile phones and instagram.

Who’s Behind TechCratz ?

I am Mridul Goel CEO & Founder of this great blog, who is 18 years old and want to do blogging from a very long time. I am currently working on various projects and pursuing trainings. This blog is the biggest thing for me to do a great start.

Contact Us

E-Mail : mridultech007@gmail.com