No One is Perfect

27th April 2020

There are guys which do right things until they reach their love and then they are not perfect in handling everything,

Then there are guys which act as playboys before and after reaching their love,

Then the one who act as good before reaching the love and after that act as studs and playboies,

Then finally there are guys who are truly lovable and have good nature before and after and forever,

These guys are the guys which are unlucky in getting their love, there after they act as a normal lovable person.

If you guys are reading this, just believe in yourself “kyuki jab upar wala deta hai toh jee phaad ke deta hai”.

And Keep in mind that “MIRACLES HAPPEN”.

21st April 2020

You are not Alone, there are billions of people in the world,

You only have to choose right one from these billion people,

And keep that person as a Diamond,

which shines in light and the darkness, and has value more than anything in the world.

19th April 2020

No matter what,

There is something somewhere in you which is looking for hope every time in everything,

Just don’t let that hope die,

There are times which come and go but you will go through that time, No matter what.

18th April 2020